Reflecting on the New York Longitudinal Study (1977) of behavioral traits of infants, how might the effectiveness of caregiving behaviors be different for children with each temperament (name and address 3 traits specifically)? How could that affect level of attachment between caregiver/parents and child?
According to the text there are several different temperaments of children. Some of the traits include reactive,irritable, activity level, and distractibility. The temperament of a child could cause the caregiver to have a difficult time raising and also possibly attaching to the child. This is true due to the caregivers ability to console and or comfort the child when he or she is in distress. The text also states that children who have proneness to crying may need a more supportive caregiver than a child with a milder temperament. Parents or caretakers of infants with a more difficult temperament may cause the caregiver to become easily upset and distressed due to trying to console the child..

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