BP 7

Reflecting on specific gender messages in your culture, clearly name 2 messages that are restrictive and 2 that inspire inclusivity.

Cite at least one supporting example from the text as evidence for your ideas.


In our culture there are specific gender messages that apply to males and females that are both restrictive and inclusive.  For instance, there are certain female gender roles that are messages taught to males as they grow up that they are restricted from doing. For an example, a male dressing in high heels  or playing with barbie dolls is a gender message for males that is restricted. There are also gender messages that restrict females from fighting or playing with trucks. On the other hand there are gender messages that are inclusive are things such as females being caretakers and in the kitchen. WIth males there are more inclusive gender messages such as males doing labor and manual work outside or construction.

According to the text where they completed a study on children playing, those who were interacting with peers of the same gender had more increased gender related behaviors.  The text also stated that family and cultures influence gender roles and what is appropriate or not. Another important fact stated that children may get in trouble for not engaging in gender appropriate roles.  Other examples in the text suggest that children have their own ideas about what males and females should play with. One example  is when the mother is asking the child about trucks and a ballet dancer and who can participate in those activities to see how the child responds.

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