BP 12

Regarding the Mindfulness Practice homework assignment, please reflect on that process and share its impact: positive, negative, or neutral. How could you use this in your own life or how could it benefit your clients?

As we discussed in class closure last week, please state 2 things that you are taking away from this course in Human Behavior and the Social Environment.

Congrats on finishing your LAST BLOG for the semester. Hopefully you will continue to use your website for a professional showcase in the future!!

I thought the mindfulness practice homework assignment was positive. I use some aspects of the mindfulness well being in my daily life. When I get home from work on most days I sit in my garage for 15 mins to 1 hour. I find it helpful in not bringing stressful aspects from work into my home. I do not always sit in silence, but I find it positive to de-stress myself.  It is good for myself and clients to take at least 10 to 15 minutes per day on clearing one’s mind for clarity.  Some of our clients whom we encounter would most likely benefit from this especially since they will most likely have some form of stress they are experiencing in their lives. Mindfulness practice can help individuals to become more in tuned with themselves.

There are several things that I learned from this course. One example is that it is not the person who is the problem it is the different systems such as micro, mezzo, and macro systems that are the problems. I also learned the impact on trauma in the brain, in infants, and also during pregnancy.  The most interesting new concept that was introduced was Epigenetics. It all makes sense after being taught about how the environment and biology effects development. I was delighted to learn more about teens and the impact that their brain has on their egocentrism and decision making since it is still developing. This new knowledge caused me to be more open minded when working with adolescence.

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