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Give one example of your own thinking at one or more points in your life that reflect the following:




What are two marker events that could help a young adult to develop into their current level of thinking?

When reflecting on my own life a point in my life that reflected dualism according to Broderick (2015), was  when I was a moving out of my mom’s home and going to college. There was really no view of anyone else being right or knowing the right direction for me to go except for my mom. Anything that I thought about doing such as jobs or careers I always ran it by my mom. She would also talk to my grandmother about it. When anyone else told me something else I should do or try I remember having tunnel vision and thinking their ideas were wrong for me.  Next going back to college when learning more in dept about religions and sciences it made me think about all the things I was taught in high school or at church about religion and science. It contradicted my thoughts about some of the upbringings that I was use to. This is an example of multiplicity (Broderick 2015). This made me question what was right and or wrong or who was right or wrong. Once I got in my senior year in college and we talked about cults and some of their thinking, I knew that it was not right and there was no reason to question what was right or wrong within those religions. In my mind those ways of thinking were irrelevant and did nothing but hurt those who believed in those false idols or peoples. The ideas that the leaders of these cults possess were not acceptable and were very questionable. This is relativism according to Broderick (2015).

Two events that could help a young adult develop into their current level of thinking in my opinion is taking some type of college or education training course to challenge their current views. Another event could be reading books, setting goals, and having dialogue with their peers.

Broderick, P. C., & Blewitt, P. (2015). The Life Span: Human Development for Helping Professionals (4th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ:     Pearson Education.

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